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Since the party led the
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Список форумов www.rockguru.ee » Предстоящие мероприятия / Eelseisvad üritused » Since the party led the
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 Сообщение Добавлено: 17. Август 2018 10:51    Заголовок сообщения: Since the party led the
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Since the party led the people to defeat the foreign aggressors [url=wholesalenewport.com]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], our motherland is developing rapidly. However, some foreigners still despise us. Therefore, many patriots have invested in the construction of the moe of Deng Jiaxian must be familiar to everyone! It is the researcher of atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. In August 1958, Deng Jiaxian, who was studying abroad, declined the retention of the tutor and embarked on his way back with a hot heart and returned to New China. However [url=wholesalenewport.com]Cigarettes Online[/url], foreign countries have developed very advanced nuclear weapons [url=wholesalenewport.com]Marlboro Red[/url], and in this regard, China is still a blank. In 1958, the Party Central Committee decided to develop China's own nuclear weapon, the atomic bomb. At this time, Deng Jiaxian stood up and he resolutely accepted the task of studying the atomic bomb. At that time, the work of studying nuclear bombs was very dangerous [url=cigscoupons.com]Online Cigarettes[/url], but Deng Jiaxian decided to sacrifice his country. On October 16, 1964, with a huge roar, an incredibly beautiful mushroom cloud rose into the sky, and China's first atomic bomb exploded in the mountainous airspace of Lop Nur. On June 17, 1967, over the sky above Lop Nur, China��s first hydrogen bomb exploded successfully. The whole world is shocked! The good news quickly spread throughout the Great Wall, both inside and outside the river, and this immortal feat made the Chineseg at the rising national flag, do you feel the excitement you have never had before? This is a symbol of our country. How many people have contributed to this flag. While watching the flag-raising ceremony, do you respect the martyrs who live in the national flag? What about those who contribute to the national flag? I dare say that some people are not [url=cigarettesonlinesale.com]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. When we pay attention to the national flag, some people are doing small movements; when the solemn national anthem is played, the sounds in our mouths are like mosquitoes. Is this all the performance of patriotism? Don't forget, dear classmates, the eyes in the red flag are watching you! Who is doing small moves? Who is head down? The high-flying red flags are all well known. It is a small matter for others to raise the flag, and its significance is greater than evend out an initiative: Please respect the national flag and respect those patriots who live in the national flag!lways defend the dignity of the motherland and work hard for the honor of the motherland will our motherland become stronger and have a blue sky that belongs to us. I wish our motherland a brighter and better tomorrow
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Список форумов www.rockguru.ee » Предстоящие мероприятия / Eelseisvad üritused » Since the party led the
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