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I think about it every day, what
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Список форумов www.rockguru.ee » Предстоящие мероприятия / Eelseisvad üritused » I think about it every day, what
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 Сообщение Добавлено: 6. Сентябрь 2018 10:22    Заголовок сообщения: I think about it every day, what
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I think about it every day, what do I want to do? I want to be a beautiful cloud. The white clouds ran around in the air, changed a lot, and later became a boat that could be drawn in the air. After a while, it became a dragon. After a while, it became a cute puppy. It was not honest at all, but it was free. I ran to the east for a while and ran to the west for a whn the clouds are in the hot sun, the people who are in the field are blocking the hot sun andthe desert, plant drought tolerance plant. I am going to the south to see the scenery Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, to Beijing to see Tiananmen, to see the boundless sea, to see the beautiful waves, beautiful seagulls, small fish swimming freely in the water and small turtles walking on the beach. I am going to the South Pole, admire the beautiful scenery, and look at the cute, swaying, penguin wearing a black belly. I want to become a small drop of water into another cloud, forming a big cloud, I will become a variety of things, become a bird, become a horse that is running, become a The boat is placed in the hand, and there are people on the boat. Become a cloud is easy! I also go to the United Nations building Cigarettes Cheaper, listen to the members�� conversations, go to the tomb of the martyrs, pay tribute to the heroic martyrs Newport Cigarettes, and give them their heart that they admire.I like autumn, because the autumn leaves have witnessed six years of wind and rain. It is like a big tree. It has entered its old age and is falling. Every leaf has a clear vein, just like what I have experienced in six years, childhood, never to return.Picking up a fallen leaf, I can't help but think of a fall. I am reading, studying, and playing under the tree with my classmates. Also when reading a book, a piece of fallen leaves fell freely, stuck in the pages of the book, as if it was a memory in the book of time. I cautiously pinched it up and made it a specimen, cherishing the memories under the tree.I remember everyone reviewing every month, mid-term and a few days before the end of the year. Everyone is working hard to get a good name. I am no exception. When I read the book, I accidentally saw a yellow leaf that was dying out of the window. Isn't it just a leaf that we have experienced? I collected it, as if I saw everyone doing a book under the lamp Carton Of Newports.After the test, I suddenly found that the time of six years passed quietly like a gap. From the first grade to carefree and innocent, to the fourth grade Wholesale Cigarettes, the odor is not dry, the first time, and then to the sixth grade, the savvy, savvy and sensible, how many past events have been forgotten, although "the water in front of the door can still be west", but "the time is gone "Return", time has gone, and childhood has gone.Six years, the past, no matter how beautiful, have passed away, face the present, work hard!
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Список форумов www.rockguru.ee » Предстоящие мероприятия / Eelseisvad üritused » I think about it every day, what
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