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In every class, everyone has
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 Сообщение Добавлено: 20. Сентябрь 2018 11:05    Заголовок сообщения: In every class, everyone has
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In every class, everyone has a table, and I am no exception. My desk is a grumpy girl Wholesale Cigarettes.desk has a pair of small eyes, and a flat nose has a lovely cherry mouth. Her size is not high, but it has become the "focus" between our little friends.e, I was making soy sauce. Zhang Wei took me when I was not careful. I was very angry. I was about to take the shot and I went back. I didn��t expect that he had run away. I chased it up. It turned out that he was so embarrassed Newport Cigarettes Price. When I just wanted to chase it, she was going downstairs. I managed to catch up and reprimanded her. Suddenly, I was standing in front of me at the same table where I saw the road and helped the knife. I said silently: "What are you doing again, don't block the road!" "Impossible!!!" yelled at my ear Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I laughed and taunted and said: "For a person who doesn't play with you, what nerves do you make! Help him, you can still do it." When I finished, he hesitated for a while and let opened. Just as I will chase her again, my annoying table is coming again. However, she was prepared. She held the mop of our class with both hands and threatened to say to me: "I will give you some color when I dare to marry me next time!" I was speechless, this It��s my same table, the grumpy table!at the same table, but I still hope that he can change his temper. Teacher - is a gardener who has nurtured one young seedling and cultivated a batch of talents. Under their care, we grow up healthily and lively. Among the many teachers, the one who impressed me the most was him - the teacher who taught us two years Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, Mr. Wang. face of Mr. Wang��s ellipse is inlaid with a pair of small and small eyes; black hair, not the classroom, the teacher will use his mouth to vividly explain the text, so that you can get rid of it, and you will be immersed in the body and mind, and will not care about other things that are not related to learning. In this way, you will achieve unexpected results during the exam.member once, there were a few students in the class who were not very good at the exam. They were very unhappy. The teacher saw it and went forward. He said to the classmate, "Nothing, failure is the mother of success. I believe you will be in the next test Marlboro Menthol 100S. I will definitely get excellent results and cheer. After listening to the teacher's words, the students are full of confidence, and really, they have achieved satisfactory results in this test.encountering a difficult problem, Mr. Xie always walks with us, studies and studies, and never arrogant and has an arrogant attitude. This has just benefited us a lot in the discussion, so some people have joked: "The white hair on the head of Xie teacher, I believe it must be carefully exchanged.n for me. I will do my best in the future to be a socially beneficial person. In addition to repaying my parents, I also thank you for your careful cultivation.
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Список форумов www.rockguru.ee » Предстоящие мероприятия / Eelseisvad üritused » In every class, everyone has
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