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With the passage of t
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With the passage of time, we finally reached the long-awaited - the moral education base. Hey, the classmates went to the classroom early, happily talking about the interesting things that happened last time, and looking forward to the fun of this picnic." The class sounded cheerfully. Under the guidance of the teacher, we set foot on the way to the base. After more than a minute, we finally reached the moral education base.." As the students screamed, we looked out the window. On the other hand, there was a crystal clear lake. A breeze blew, and the lake shouted like a shy girl. Greeting. There are also many celebrity statues carved on both sides... I putting the backpack, we arranged the team as fast as possible. Then I started to warm up. Everyone sang a healthy song together. "The neck is twisted, the buttocks are twisted, everyone is doing sports together..." With the team of "The March of the Volunteers" marching to the stage, the leaders of the school spoke. Then, the student representative expressed his feelings about the event... Finally arrived at our long-awaited class activities, we have to play is - high-altitude stairs. When I heard the coach say that I wanted to play this activity, my heart was upset and I jumped. Coach Li first gave us a demonstration, and then we slowly walked up one by one. I carefully walked the stairs made of large tires, and finally finished the stairs, and got a thing like a wooden bridge. My eyes didn't dare to look down, for fear that they would fall; it was hard to finish the 'single bridge' and went to a staircase made of tires. God, God, who can save me, the coach seems to see In my inner panic, I said to me, "Don't worry, the foot and the foot slowly step on it, you must step on it." I listened to the coach's command, safely on the ground, and a restless heart finally got calm. "Slow down, pay attention to safety..." With the coach's words and amiable words, I finally got to the time of the wild Carton Of Newports 100. Because we have finished the activity, we are already the slowest class, so we are very anxious, but under the guidance of the coach, everyone arranges the team in an orderly manner and walks to the distant houses that are smoking cigarettes.he students in each class have started cooking and washing vegetables. After we saw it, we ran to the small kitchen belonging to our group of eight. After taking out the dishes that had just been sent out by the teacher Cigarettes Sales, everyone started to get busy. Don't underestimate the kitchen utensils. We can rely on it for lunch. Some of us are responsible for chopping wood, some are responsible for washing vegetables, some are responsible for watching fire, and some are responsible for cooking and cooking. I was thinking that this is not very easy, but just like the home, it is enough to fire Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes. But after that, I regret it. After we returned the firewood, Cao Cao had already washed the dishes. Xiaomin intends to cook rice in a pot. After washing the rice, she put it in. We thought it would be fine to put the firewood into it. I didn��t expect it to have thick black smoke, tears like a broken pearl necklace. I fell out of the ground, but before we reflected it, the firewood fell to the ground again. We tried to pick it up, but the black smoke was too big Buy Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, like an angry beast, we could not let us close. After a few minutes, the smoke gradually decreased. We put the firewood back into the oven and started cooking. The eggs were mixed and given to Xiaodie, and another classmates fired the fire. The butterfly pours the oil into the pot, then pours the egg in. The smoke is like the beast kept in the cage, and it is like us. It��s once again like us. Everyone can��t support it, let go of it. The work, running outside, a few minutes later, Xiaodie remembered the eggs in the pot, then ran to the kitchen, uncover the lid, where there are eggs, only a pile of black and black things like charcoal. "Oh, there is still food..." Xiaoqi yelled, and we looked at the rice cooker. Yeah, the rice was darkened. It was finished, the rice was gone, we still had pork and plum vegetables. ,vegetables. These foods can no longer be cooked. The classmates were frustrated. This is the teacher coming over. It seems to have seen what we thought Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. We patiently said to us: "Don��t worry, come slowly, always succeed!" The firewood was once again we were lit, we went to the pot I poured a little bit of oil and put the pork in. In order to prevent the smoke from coming back, we put the vegetables and salt together, and this time it was a success. After about ten minutes, we uncovered the lid and took the dish. Everyone happily held the chopsticks and wanted to taste it. Yaoyao tasted it first. "Oh, what is this dish, you guys? Did you pour a can of salt into it?" We looked at each other helplessly and sighed in disappointment. After some hard work, we finally cooked the vegetables. Looking at the dishes made by the classmates, we cast an envious look at them. Before we came, we had Cao Cao prepared instant noodles just in case, and everyone had to of your heart, sweet dreams...�� With this moving music, we also ended this unforgettable picnic and learned lessons from it. . If there is another time, we will definitely do it! Time hastily slipped away, and we look forward to the next time!
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Список форумов www.rockguru.ee » Предстоящие мероприятия / Eelseisvad üritused » With the passage of t
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